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Open Gym Program

You want to run an open gym

Play in the same place/same time each week

Traditional open gyms work to where someone like yourself - rents a gym- and then reaches out to players to fill that open gym... but the actual open gym often experiences nights where there are too few players or too many players... but it stumbles along... At issue though- is the person who owns the gym- that person often gets inconsistent rental/bookings... and at issue- the person running /playing in- the open gym- gets some good nights and some bad nights (the nights with too few or too many players)

So... we came up with a system for open gyms- at PortlandBasketball.com whereby you will commit to a slot (time slot) per week but we will help you with your player-commitments per week (players who say they are IN)- with an online signup page (for your open gym- like you can see below)... and hopefully your open gym does not need us... but in the event your spots are not filling- we open the unfilled spots up to 'our people' so that the spots fill.

The system is a sign up page (like the sample- that you see below) where your people simply enter their name (indicating they are 'IN' for the upcoming open gym). Restated benefits- you know who is coming, it always fills- you never have too few AND you also never have too many. You have the perfect amount of players every time.

And in doing it this way- your open gym is more fun for players, easier on you the organizer- and works for us bc its RELIABLE rental that will not cancel randomly because they do not have enough palyers.

Also note- we will want you to run your open gym year around BUT you are not responsible to fill it- in fact, during the Summer perhaps- maybe you can only get 6 players to be IN... no problem, we will find the other players to be in so we have enough (you do not have to do anything)...

Format of the games- these will be 5-on-5 full court games with big halves of 30 minutes per half (we wil not run 'first to 11', and 'I got next'). We use the clock- scoreboard- and the game (your open gym) will start on time like a real game. A gym supervisor will greet your group and force that game to 'get going on time'. You see, normal open gyms have 20 minutes (that they pay for)- where people meander, but using our gym supervisor, your players will get used to games starting right on time (and they will adjust- and they will be on time). You will get the same workout being in our gym for 70 minutes as traditional open gyms over 2hours time.

Ready to start? If so, text me to go over possible time slots- keep in mind- weekday options are going to cost a certain amount per player (around $10.50 per player) whereas weekend option might run ($7.50 per player). Reach out to me- lets start a new OPEN GYM for you next week- Mikal Duilio 5033804539

Below is an exampe of your signup sheet we will create for your group-




If you are too competitive to the point of anger, you will not be allowed to play in the Open Gym

All players must be willing to play clean (not foul a player from behind- that beats you to the basket) and all players must be willing to 'call your own' fouls (meaning you have to accept a bad call, every once in a while)

Cooperation is required from all players; if your play is too physical (dangerous or unsafe), you will not be allowed to play in this.

Players must bring a reversible white-black jersey.