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Divisions (3) to choose from for Womens league: COMPETITIVE or INTERMEDIATE or RECREATIONAL

Location of games for womens league: Most games will be played at Beaverton Hoop YMCA, Muslim Education Trust (Tigard) and Hillside Community Center (653 NW Culpepper Terrace).

Times of games for womens league: the womens league gets excellent game times, womens games are typically in the 6:50pm to 8:50pm range.

Cost: See registration page - How to signup and register: click on Register Team (from this website)

Schedule: for the Women's Schedule (the actual schedule per week, click on the Monday link)

Announcements for the PortlandBasketball.com Womens League:
1) All players - fill out and submit a Waiver Form

2) Players - please take a look at how we call fouls - thanks

3) Click here for rules related to uniform

About Repeat Matchups: In the past, PortlandBasketball has strived to give each team the best variety possible but with this comes mismatches... So we intereviewed players and team captains and after that input- we are changing our priority/policy to focus more on having more even matchups. This means REPEAT MATCHUPS will now be considered a good thing (you will play the same teams more than 1 time per season in an effort to focus on even matchups over getting variety). This policy starts in late 2014 and has had great benefits on the quality of these games (sure, we give up some variety but at least the game matchups are even).

Uniforms: teams enjoy an 'organized look' of a league so do your part as a participant (for your opponents) & make sure that your team has matching jerseys (same color). The league can sell jerseys- at your game site for $15 per uniform (a black & white reversible jersey with a #). In fact, if you do not match jerseys- you will be required to purchase a jersey with a # in order to play.

If your team is missing players: you need to bring everyone you can- even if its 2 players- because even with 2 players we/PortlandBasketball.com can recruit to make sure you get to 5players (all the women teams committed to this concept- of showing up with 'however few' you have vs cancelling and its been going great, we went from a lot of games not occurring to now- EVERY GAME OCCURS). Our office line is 503-597-8819- text that if you need players & we will scramble; we have text databases we can hit immediately (lists of people willing to fill in for these situations). We have a staff member devoted to this on every game night- so always contact us if you are short (and get the people who 'can' play to play for sure). Do your part to keep our league a 'weekly workout' with no cancellations- thanks.

Individuals- you can play in this league each & every Monday via our PicktoPlay page; click on PicktoPlay & you will see that it is a way for individuals to play on a league team per week. Restated: Individual players without a team should join up and use the PicktoPlay system to play in this womens league. Women players on teams that have a season off- can also join PicktoPlay to play (while waiting for their team to rejoin). Individual players who can only randomly play on some Mondays but not other Mondays- you can sign up for PicktoPlay on the weeks you are available (you see- with PicktoPlay you only pay for/commit to 1-game-at-a-time). Note: women can also do PicktoPlay on mens league days (it is very common for women to play in the mens league so to restate this- you have 7days of game options to sign up for every week- you can play any day you want to play).

Refereeing: in 2015 we made a very concerted effort to get referees to referee womens basketball in a solid/quality manner and we feel that we are doing a great job at this point- but any time you have issues or concerns, text the league office with input- at 503-597-8819.