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Women's Basketball League

Portlandbasketball.com worked hard on improving the Women's league; August 3rd, 2015 we are proud to say that these improvements have materialized in 2015:

  • No cancellations of games (we recruit players if teams are short, keeping the game in place for both teams)
  • Individuals can play weekly via the Pick-to-Play webpage
  • Better refereeing, we have gotten referees who treat women's basketball as better than or equal to mens basketball
  • Better gym times, not sure this is fair but women get much better gym times
  • Teams have chosen to rematch within the same season vs getting variety (this= to avoid blowouts & its working!)
  • Uniforms match, so we don't have 5 different colors out there- in 2015, women's league games look like real games

Monday Women's League

Divisions: 3 different divisions Where: games will be played at Beaverton Hoop YMCA, The Courts in Beaverton (14523 SW Millikan Way Beaverton, Oregon 97005) & Pearl Courts (1425 NW 16th Ave in Portland).

Cost: cost is $440 per team

How to signup and register: contact 503-597-8819 or email office@portlandbasketball.com to get registration/payment instructions

For Women's Schedule click on Monday

Announcements for the PortlandBasketball.com Womens League:
1) All players - fill out and submit a Waiver Form
2) Players - please take a look at how we call fouls - thanks
3) Click here for rules related to uniform

About Repeat Matchups:In the past, PortlandBasketball has strived to give each team the best variety of competition available. With this goal in mind, you may have played against a few teams that were lower or higher skill level than your own. After talking with league players and directors, we are changing our priority and policy to focus more on even matchups. We will be creating divisions, in which your team can move up or down from depending on your performance.

Based on the feedback we have received, we are comfortable with making this change moving forward and want you to understand the effect this may have on your scheduled opponents. At time the women's bdivision can be thin, which in turn may create repeat matchups. This is the only downside to keeping the games matched by skill rather than variety, but it will also permit more consistent runs. Each game yo uwill be matched up with a team that is similar to your won, which may limit the variety aspect, but allowsy you to play competitively each week.

Please pass this information along to your team, as well as help them understand the possibility of repaeat matchups in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of PortlandBasketball. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Uniforms: please match, teams enjoy the 'organized look' of the league so do your part (for your opponents) & match jerseys please. Also colored jerseys look great the first season but once you switch players out- its hard to match, you may want to go black and white as your color- that way- when you switch our players from season to season- its easy to match. The league can sell jerseys to you as well- at your 1st game- exact details coming soon but expect the cost to be just $15 per uniform (a black & white reversible jersey with a #); we plan to have a box of all sizes- that you can choose from at your first game (the first week of a league season- we might put every single women team in the same gym so we can get everyone 'uniformed'.

What color is your team? let our office know- text Jen at 503-597-8819 or email Jen office@portlandbasketball.com with what color you have & whether you reverse b/c we might put that on the schedule like: Tanyas Indis (black) vs Bonnies Ballers (red) so you know what color to bring per game. And Captains- you are required to bring a few spare jerseys for either (players who forget) or (when you pick up a player from another game).

If your team is missing players: you need to bring everyone you can- even if its 2 players- because even with 2 players Mikal & Jesse from PortlandBasketball.com (owner & director) can recruit to make sure you get to 5players... but its nearly impossible if you send 0 players so starting  a season ago- all the women teams committed to this concept- and its been going great, we went from a lot of games not occurring to now- every game scheduled occurs... so again- bring however many you have even if just 2 players & text both Mikal 503-380-4539 & Jesse 503-997-9216 that you need some help & we will handle it (never say 'we cannot make it' bc we do not cancel games-and you now know we need your few that are available). Thx.