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Women's Basketball League
Women's League Players,

It is time to make sure we eliminate no-shows & cancellations- so here is a change: PortlandBasketball.com needs you- the womens league player(s)- to bring players to every scheduled game- even when short, even if you do not have 'enough' in your mind, even if it seems pointless to show up with 2 to 3 players, we still need you to bring however many you have; what we cannot have any further is the 'whole team no showing'... the league PortlandBasketball.com can make a game occur (and a good game) if you do the following: text us saying 'we only have 2 or 3 coming' & we will do the work to make that game happen; but text both Jesse 503-997-9216 and Mikal 503-380-4539 with this note (within seconds, we will do what we do- to help make this game occur).

Question: how can we make a game occur with a team only bringing 2 to 3 player?
Answers: 1) PortlandBasketball.com is scheduling all of the womens league games back-to-back to back so we will have more women (to borrow from in this situation). 2) PortlandBasketball.com is scheduling at least 1 if not 2 women referee in the gyms where there are womens league games (in case we have to borrow 1 referee to play). 3) We are giving you two text #s (above) so we can recruit for you. That being said, if you want on a 'last minute text list for fill ins' please text me (503-380-4539) your number.

We all want the women's league to be as quality as our mens leagues and these changes involving your cooperation will help.

Thanks- Mikal Duilio-www.PortlandBasketball.com Cell: 503-380-4539 Email: mikalduilio@gmail.com

P.S. We pay refs, gyms & our staff (costs) works hard on backup plans- per game- for every game so there will be no refunds for games- b/c in fact- the games where we borrow players, borrow refs, even men- to make a game-well- those cost as much or more to produce than regular games. Also- womens league is discounted from what mens teams pay & women get the same games-same refs (& in fact it costs more to run women's league).
6th and Final Monday August 18th
Underline means two games this day
Crew Chief Referee Time location Home Team Visitor Team
Wells-N Garcia-M 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #1 Timzers vs Living the Dream 80 84
Wells-N Garcia-M 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #1 Log Jammin vs J5 84 92
Romero-J Frazier-D 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #2 CompView vs No Look 77 82
Romero-J Frazier-D 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #2 SE Muddogs vs Weiler Ducks 81 87
Buse-K Belt-H 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #3 Pick to Play Beaverton vs Dr. Chim Richards 89 73
Buse-K Belt-H 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #3 Pick to Play Beaverton vs Courtvision 69 104
Lashley-S McGlothen-K 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #4 Too Legit vs Holly Sorem 52 69
Lashley-S McGlothen-K 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #4 Can be Players vs TNT Auto 80 85
Capps-L Dickson-A 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #5 Rimshots vs Pass the Ball MF 93 91
Capps-L Dickson-A 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #5 Victorious Secret vs Rosebuds 42 83
Esene-O Hall-Naeem 8:30pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #6 Toolby vs Courtvision 56 67
Esene-O Hall-Naeem 9:20pm @ Beaverton Hoop Ct #6 Undetermined vs Robs Real Estate Services  83 81
Richardson-G Tidmore-D 7:05pm @ The Courts ct#1 Crab Knuckles vs Will pay tomorrow 78 68
Richardson-G Tidmore-D 8:00pm @ The Courts ct#1 Slump Busters vs Will pay tomorrow 74 70
Richardson-G Tidmore-D 8:50pm @ The Courts ct#1 Slump Busters vs Polity Hoops 62 70
Daniels-L Jackson-N 7:05pm @ The Courts ct#2 Westside Shooters vs Forever29 41 64
Daniels-L Jackson-N 8:00pm @ The Courts ct#2 PokeBallers vs Robinsons Canby (Mon) 62 49
McElroy-K Riggins-L 7:30pm @ Pearl Courts Tune Squad (Mon) vs Saints 96 83
McElroy-K Riggins-L 8:30pm @ Pearl Courts 3 Masons vs Little Giants 58 51
McElroy-K Riggins-L 9:30pm @ Pearl Courts 3 Masons vs Dynasty 84 91
Stinson-D Williams-A 7:05pm @ Eastmoreland Courts Below the Rim vs Strokes of Justice 91 72
Stinson-D Williams-A 8:00pm @ Eastmoreland Courts L-Town Regulators vs Al's Gators 71 80
Stinson-D Williams-A 8:50pm @ Eastmoreland Courts Pick to Play East vs Al's Gators 96 102
Roth-J 6:25pm @ Cascade College cliff white rental cliff white rental
Roth-J Parnell-J 7:35pm @ Cascade College The Bravosi Second Suns vs I need a Sub 70 96
Roth-J Parnell-J 8:30pm @ Cascade College Terminators  vs Dameface 66 52
Roth-J Parnell-J 9:25pm @ Cascade College Corbett Fish House vs Dameface 59 40
Peterson-J Chiem-L 7:05pm @ Hillside Community Center Bonnies Ballers vs Patricks Power Bottoms 52 38
Peterson-J Chiem-L 8:00pm @ Hillside Community Center Dunking Dimes vs Wildcats 37 38
Final Summer 2 Womens Rankings
Women's League Rankings
1 Mon Wom Rosebuds 6 1 0.86 75 45 32 2.09 W6 30.20
2 Mon Wom Too Legit 6 1 0.86 66 55 16 1.89 L1 29.61
3 Mon Wom Forever29 6 1 0.86 60 46 17 1.63 W1 29.23
4 Mon Wom Holly Sorem 3 2 0.60 62 60 17 1.92 W3 26.26
5 Mon Wom Victorious Secret 3 4 0.43 68 59 24 2.20 L1 24.81
6 Mon Wom Wildcats 3 4 0.43 52 61 13 2.20 W3 24.64
7 Mon Wom Still Hoopin It 1 4 0.20 59 68 10 2.93 L2 23.16
8 Mon Wom Patricks Power Bottoms 2 5 0.29 44 48 10 2.06 L5 22.96
9 Mon Wom Bonnies Ballers 3 4 0.43 48 56 15 1.88 W1 22.31
10 Mon Wom Dunking Dimes 2 5 0.29 37 59 29 1.80 L3 21.65
11 Mon Wom Westside Shooters 1 6 0.14 41 58 18 1.71 L1 20.06


Who: Women of any skill level.  Semi-pro all the way to Recreational players.

What: All Women's league.  2 different divisions. 

When:   Monday Womans League starts same day as Monday League

Where: games will be played at these two locations as seen below- The Courts in Beaverton (14523 SW Millikan Way Beaverton, Oregon 97005) and Pearl Courts at (1425 NW 16th Ave in Portland). 

Why: PortlandBasketball.Com runs great leagues and and has combined with 4-Point Play to have great depth and parity. Two gym locations- one central and one east is a great thing for a league; and allows for more teams, creating more variety and more parity. This is the women�s league in the Portland Metro.

Cost: cost is $440 per team or $70 per individual player

How to signup and register: click on �register� and enter your information and pre-pay $130.  Individuals can join by calling 503-597-8819 or email Jesse@portlandbasketball.com.

Who: Women of any skill level that don't have enough for a team.

What: All Women's league.� 2 different teams.  One westside base (Westside shooters) and the other Portland based (Tanyas Indis).

When:�� Winter 2 will start January 28th

Where: We will have 2 women's Individuals teams. Westside Indis will play a majority of their games at The Courts in Beaverton. Tanyas Indis will play in Portland each week. Games will be played at these two locations as seen below- The Courts in Beaverton (14523 SW Millikan Way Beaverton, Oregon 97005) and Pearl Courts at (1425 NW 16th Ave in Portland). 

Why: PortlandBasketball.Com runs great leagues and and has combined with 4-Point Play to have great depth and parity. Two gym locations- one central and one east is a great thing for a league; and allows for more teams, creating more variety and more parity. This is the women�s league in the Portland Metro.

Cost: cost is $65 per individual player

How to signup and register: We need to know your playing experience, your preferred location, and any scheduling conflicts you may have. We have 3 women's options for individuals that you can choose from: Tanyas Indis- are for competitive players with all games played in Portland. Westside Shooters & Bonnies Ballers are for rec level players with games played in Portland & Beaverton. For more questions, email Jesse@portlandbasketball.com or call 503-597-8819.

Directions to Offices


Peaceful & Recreational Athletics, Inc. Offices

 Call for appointment.


Peaceful & Recreational Athletics, Inc. Mailing Address: 

15740 SW Talus Court Beaverton, OR 97007

Directions to Gyms


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212 Sports

11791 SE Highway 212 Suite 401, Clackamas, Oregon 97015

From 205 take 212 East after you pass Wichita Pub (500ft) turn left at Emmert Business Park


All Star Basketball Court

16303 NE 15th St Vancouver, WA 98684


Beaverton Hoop  

9685 SW Harvest Court, Beaverton, OR 97005

(503) 644-2191 


Benson High School

546 NE 12th Ave,  Portland, OR 97232

(503) 916-5100


Bethany Athletic Club

15670 Northwest Central Drive, Portland, OR 97229



7325 Childs Rd., Portland, OR 97035

Rules of Use:

- All personnel & guests will wear non-marking, rubber-soled shoes while on the basketball floor.

- All props, chairs & other equipment will be placed on a non marking surface or on pads to protect the floor from scratches and/or damage

- No food or drink (with th exception of water) will be p.ermitted on the courts.

- There is limited parking available on-site at the Practice Facility & surrounding area.  Carpooling is strongly suggested.

- Access to the Practice Facility is limited to the Main Entrance Lobby, Conference Room, Media Room, Gymnasium and Restroom.

- Guests will not be permitted to enter the locker rooms, training room, player lounge or strength room.


Cascade College (not P.C.C. Cascade)  also known as Columbia Christian School (as they just purchased the campus)

9101 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97216

(800) 550-7678

Smoking is not allowed on this Campus.  Please DO NOT smoke in the parking lot or anywhere on campus. Follow Columbia Christian signs to get to Cascade College gym.


Catlin Gabel School   

8825 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 297-1894

Enter the campus and take an immediate left on the service road. Take the first right, park in the upper lot near the soccer field, and walk down the path past the tennis courts to the gym. DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE. YOUR CAR WILL BE TOWED.


Clackamas Community College

19600 South Molalla Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045

(503) 657-6958


Columbia Chrisitan School

9101 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97216

(800) 550-7678

Smoking is not allowed on this Campus.  Please DO NOT smoke in the parking lot or anywhere on campus.



The Courts in Beaverton

14523 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005


Discovery Middle School  

800 E. 40th St., Vancouver, WA 98663


Eastmoreland Courts (Used to be Eastmoreland Racket Club) 

3015 Southeast Berkeley Place Portland, OR 97202


FreightHouse Sports 

12245 NE Whitaker Way, Portland, OR 97230


Gaiser Middle School

3000 NE 99th St. Vancouver, WA 98665  


Hillside Community Center 

653 NW Culpepper Terrace, Portland, OR 97210 

(503) 823-3181


Kings Way School 

3300 NE 78th St
Vancouver, WA 98665


Liberty High School 

21945 NW Wagon Way
Hillsboro, OR 97124


Life Christian School

5585 SW 209th Ave, Aloha, OR 97007


Marshal High School Gymnasium 

3905 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR 97266

Gym is located just behind Eastport Plaza movie theater.  Park in Back parking lot for gym.


McLoughlin Middle School -

5802 Macarthur Blvd Vancouver, WA 98661 

(360) 313-3600    


Milwaukie High School

11300 Southeast 23rd Avenue, Milwaukie, OR 97222

Park by Football stadium


Mt. Scott Elementary School  (Do not Confuse with Mt. Scott Community Center)

11201 SE Stevens Road, Portland, OR 97266


Mt. Scott Community Center  (Do not Confuse with Mt. Scott Elementary)

5530 SE 72nd, Portland, OR 97206


Multonomah University 

8435 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97220



OES (Oregon Episcopal School) 

6300 SW Nicol Rd, Portland, OR 97223


Pearl Court

1425 NW 16th Ave Portland, OR 97209

Portland Adventist Academy  

1500 SE 96th Avenue, Portland, OR 97216

Park around the back end of the school, and walk to the backside of the gym.  Please do not interfere with the half court league games that occur before our adult league, as they are not a part of our league and we should be courteous to those players.


Portland Christian School  

12425 NE San Rafael Street, Portland, OR 97230

Once you enter the driveway the gym is the 1st building on your right.


Portland State University located at 1825 SW Broadway Portland Oregon 97201

The best place to park is at the PSU parking lot located on Broadway (7th avenue) and the cross street- Hall. It is free all day on Sunday and as well it is free on weeknights (free from 7pm on but inside tip- no one checks the lot after 5pm in that garage). there is a 2nd PSU parking structure (free as well) on SW 12th street (and SW 13th); this is the parking garage to the immediate right as you come off of the Market Place exit (coming down HWY 26 from Beaverton/Westside). The third option is of course street parking but those parking meters are in effect till 7pm on weeknights & Sundays so unless you are parking after 7pm, you may want to take the first 2 options (the free parking garages). The gym is right next to the soccer/football practice field which is the equivalent of 10th street and the southernmost part of the campus area- easy to find- look for a gym looking building when you enter the campus (walking).


Portland Courts

6941 N. Central St., Portland, OR 97203


Rowe Middle School  

3606 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222


Roosevelt High School 

6941 N. Central St., Portland, OR 97203


Salvation Army Center 

5335 N. Williams, Portland, OR 97217

(503) 239-1241



6699 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR 97223

This facility is part of the OES complex off of Oleson Rd.  When going here, there is a small Green sign that Shows SPARC and a long driveway into the facility. 


Tigard High School (synthetic football & soccer field)

9000 SW Durham Rd, Tigard, OR 97224

(503) 431-5400

The football field is on the backside of the school, so turn left (onto SW 92 Ave) after you drive by the school.


Tualatin High School  

22300 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Tualatin, OR 97224


Tualatin Hills Athletic Center  

15707 SW Walker Road, Beaverton, OR 97006


Warner Pacific College 

2219 SE 68th, Portland, OR 97215


Washington School for the Deaf

611 Grand Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661 

(360) 418-0418


Willamette School

1403 12th Street, West Linn, OR 97068

(503) 673-7250


Wilsonville High School

6800 S.W. Wilsonville Road, Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 673-7600



Park on the street (free on Sundays downtown).

1111 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205