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MASTERS 40+ (here are the things we do for your age group)

Here is what we do NOT do - (we do NOT run a Masters League)

After 27 years of desparately trying to form a Masters League and even having 200 teams to pull from, 'Masters league' does NOT work and never has; trust me I am 52 years old and have tried 'Masters league' 6x and it does not & will not work for a few reasons... so lets talk about the 2 things we will be doing for Masters Age (40+) players:

What we do... #1- we run a MASTERS game - every Sunday (50 Sundays/year)

We have a GAME that we will run for Masters age players (40+) that occurs on Sundays at 12noon at Warner Pacific College. The game has a supervisor- scoreboard- teams wearing black/white jerseys- but it is really 14 players showing up- getting divided onto 2 team and playing a game. This is a league style game but it is more of a CLUB of 14 players- playing at the same time and place every Sunday. The point of this game/program is to play at a Masters pace (a slower game- a smart game) with players age 40+.

Think of this- as a 14 person basketball CLUB that shows up same time, same place every Sunday- to play a game designed for Masters Age players.

WHY you might NEED this Masters Basketball Club? when you pay for a number of Sundays, your payment now 'forces' you to get that weekly/ongoing workout- for body reasons and health reasons!!! Do not let your body continue to get older and older!!! Join us now and start playing this Sunday & continue plyaing ongoing Sundays! And another reason you should join now- is that 'knowing that you have a game every Sunday' gives you a reason to eat better and gives you incentive to get your other workouts in.

Join: Text Mikal at 503-380-4539 & Mikal will respond with how many Sundays (you will get) and what you need to pay.

Side note #1: it will take time to get 14 masters age players so as we build this out, we are allowing women players to play (they play very smart good basketball so this has been an amazing fit for our 'Masters' style of smart basketball)... Side note #2: Masters age players can play in non-masters games as well; if you do not already know those many options that exist, text 503-380-4539 for that info... Side note #3: the future of the club is 28 players who show up (14 people at a time) at on sundays (Noon, 1pm)- mixing it up so the 28 players all interact, play each other.


The above described option = 50 Sundays per year of action!!!

The below described option = 4 days per year of fun!!!


What we do... #2- we run 4 MASTERS AGE TOURNAMENTS/year

About MASTERS TOURNAMENTS: We will be running 4 adult Masters aged tournaments in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles & Las Vegas. Restated: we are creating a 'tour' of 4 tournaments each year. Cost per team is $292. In each tournament, we will enter one team called 'Portland Masters Indis' (our team of 7 individuals).

How to join our  individuals team: text Mikal 503-380-4539 that you want on the team. I will text back how to pay ($44)- you are on the team.

Total minutes of playing time in tournament play: We want players to survive the tournament and not get injured. We also want players to be able to enjoy the city/area (as opposed to being broken down/wiped out in hotel not able to move). Our tournaments will be best described as 'destination tournaments'- meaning it is about going out of town with your family, partner, perhaps your kids- to enjoy that city (with the backdrop of you playing in a basketball tournament). Teams will play between 120 minutes minimum up to 144  minutes maximum.

Format of a 4 team Masters tournament: in a 4 team tournament, you will play each team 1 time, followed by a 'seeded' 4-team tournament. This means you will play at least 4 games and up to a maximum of 5 games. In a 6 team or 8 team format- you will also play at least 4 games, with total minutes matching the description above. For our first tournament on October 17th, 2021, we are only allowing 4 teams, so we already know the format (seen below).

Schedule for our first Masters Tournament- a 4 team tournament on October 17th 2021 @Hillside Community Center in Portland

2:00pm Team 1 vs Team 2 (32 minute game)

2:35pm Team 3 vs Team 4 (32 minute game)

 3:10pm Team 1 vs Team 4 (28 minute game)

3:40pm Team 2 vs Team 3 (28 minute game)

4:10pm Team 1 vs Team 3 (28 minute game)

4:40pm Team 2 vs Team 4 (28 minute game)

5:10pm Seed 1 vs Seed 4 (32 minute game)

5:45pm Seed 2 vs Seed 3 (32 minute game)

6:20pm Championship game (20 minute game/out of there by 6:45pm)