Can we just pay at the first game?

No. Everything is done by CC or Debit via the website, we do not take cash or checks at any site.


Do we need jerseys?

Yes.  Same color, same material, and a number. We sell jerseys at cost.  You choose your size, color and text 503-380-4539 and you can pick these up same day.


My team missed the league start date.  Can we still get in?

Yes. You can pay the exact pro-rated cost of 1 less game- no problem (team fee/7 gives you a per-game-cost so if you are joining and there are only 5 games left (example)- its easy for you/us to create a 5-game season for you with that cost being 5/7th's of the team fee).


How do playoffs work?

To read about playoffs- click on the day you are playing and then click on a tab called Playoffs and its all explained there.


Where do I find out the time and location of my games?

Important to note that no one calls you and no one emails you, the only way to find out your game time is to click on the actual day you are playing (the schedule is right there). Restated for new teams- you register and pay and still- no one calls you- so remember to find your game time on the web!


Are the games always in the same gym?

No. You can tell us where you are from in the registration process and we will try to get you as many home games as we can but all teams play away games. Teams will be traveling to play you, so it is only fair for you to travel to play them. With that being said, we would never send a team from Vancouver to play in Wilsonville and if you ever get a travel like that- text us, we can adjust the schedule and fix that.

If you are new to the league- its important you understand these 'travel' logistics and probably explain (1-time) this to your players... If you have not had much travel- you may have been lucky- accidentally now- thinking you do not travel...but- Travel is what "brings to you" two important things that make a league experience great:

1) Travel brings teams from all over the PDX metro to you... teams from Vancouver in the north to Wilsonville in the south to Hillsboro in the west and to Sandy in the east; you can say that 'travel' is what gets you VARIETY (different opponents)

2) Travel as explained above, is what allows for more teams to play under one league banner- and the more teams you are the better you can break those teams into separate skill levels... this means that 'travel' is how you get PARITY (close games).

Restated conversely: you would not have variety & parity without travel. A local league (leagues that operate in one gym) typically fade and die within two seasons (b/c variety and parity are essential for leagues to play out in a sustainable way).

PortlandBasketball.com travel policy: by joining PortlandBasketball.com adult basketball league, you are joining a league that values parity & variety and in joining- you 'GET' (variety & parity as teams travel to you) but at times you have to 'GIVE' (travel) to the other teams as well. You benefit from the ecosystem - of travel but its a 'give' and 'take' ecosystem... so you will travel.

This all being said- above, how much travel can a team expect? We ask (in your registration process with our office) that you select a home site that represents the average of where everyone is from, we call that your home-request. From that 'home request', we try to give you 4 home games (defined as- under 17 miles from that home site) and 3 away games (defined as 19 miles or more)... and IF your team travel is averaging more than 18 miles per game- let us know and we will work with your team to get that average down immediately!

Should your team really detest travel altogether- these 3 league choices have significantly less travel:

Friday league 100% of the games in the Friday league are at one site- Hillside Community Center -located at- 653 NW Culpepper Terrace Portland Oregon - do a MapQuest of this from your home site perhaps and imagine playing all of your games at this one site & this Friday league costs $343 for 7 games.

Tuesday league 60% of the games are at Hillside Community Center (address shown above). The other 40% of the games are at Columbia Christian School (9100 East Burnside Portland Oregon)- so- if your an inner west Portland or inner east Portland team, both of these gyms could be very close to you. This league costs $483 for 7 games.

Saturday league 80% of the games are at Hillside CC while only 20% of the games will be at Columbia Christian School. The Saturday league costs $392 for 7 games. AND- a note about the Sunday league- the Sunday league has slightly less travel as well (picture an average of 2 less miles per every game perhaps) and that travel is on a day with less traffic (less traffic on Sundays).

Teams Will Travel

This is a complete description of how travel works for you - if you are in the popular Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday leagues... Travel is a bit different if you join Tuesday-Friday or Saturday (the only 2 gyms we use on those three days is Hillside Community Center)

Various Game Times

Teams in the Monday-Thursday leagues have to be able to play between 6pm and 940pm (tip-off times). Its important to understand this concept- via this video. If you play on Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays- the times are different- feel free to text to ask about those game times (much less extreme on those three days).

Technical Foul

What constitutes a technical foul

About Pick To Play

The program called PicktoPlay in Portland is the same program called Hoops on Demand in Seattle. This video explains how it works for you- the individual player and how your commitment is 1 game (at a time).

Uniform Rule

Our uniform rule is very important to us. It makes a lot of sense to us- and we ask that you can respect this rule.

Coed League

CoEd league- has two divisions and they rarely if ever play each other. The recreational division of CoED is a big skill difference from the CoEd Competitive team. CoEd competitive teams play each other and mens teams.

Masters Program

Masters players are those age 40 and above. PortlandBasketball.com offers five different products for players age 40 and above

Opportunities for Women

Women can play on a team in the women's league but women can also play individually in the women's league or in any of the men's individual games (30 games per week are open to individuals- spread out over 7 days and all of those 30 games are open to women). Also women can play with a team or individually in the Sunday coed league.

Friday and Saturday Leagues

The Friday league plays ALL of its games in Portland at Hillside Community Center with a few games at Columbia Christian School. The Saturday league is played at the same two gyms with most games at Columbia Christian School (9100 East Burnside in Portland).

Verticality Rule

This video is required for captains and in fact required that captains forward this video to all players on the team- bc- if players play correctly and understand the verticality concepts- injuries will go way down for players. I have found that players can understand this and once players understand verticality they become safer players.

Defining a Foul

Fouls are defined mostly by illegal position combined with contact that creates a disadvantage; this video really educates players on how this league intends to call fouls.