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Tournaments @ Moda Center

  • Sunday December 4th (2022)- event runs Noon- 1pm      

  • Sunday February 26th (2023)-

  • Sunday March 19th (2023)-

Format: 4 adult basketball teams will play against each other - 1 game apiece; you will play 3 different games (all 15-minute games)- for fun and for some great photos! Teams that have played in this in the past- all got a full workout & really had a great time. You can actually see the schedule below-

Half court? or Full court? IN the 4 team setup, your 1st & 2nd games (see below) are half court (5 on 5); then- your 3rd game will be a full court (5 on 5).

Individuals teams: will be 6 players- so that we have 1 substitute per team and this gives you a good amount of playing time (bring your black-white jersey).

Note for Sunday Dec 4th: instead of 4 teams we are just doing 2 teams of 7players per team- and bc of that change- players get to A) play full court the entire time (instead of mixed half court and full court as described above) and B) play 52minutes (instead of 45 minutes total playing time).

Photos: photos cannot occur AFTER the event (Blazers need us out- right at 1pm sharp to setup for that night's game); if you want photos you have to take them during our time. Bringing friends/family to watch: try not to bring too many please- but yes you can. That said, all photos have to occur during the game and nothing but departing occurs after the game (this is very important to the Blazers)- once final horn goes off in the game, you and any family you brought has to leave...

Referee: there will be 1 referee per half-court game (referee will also manage the subs equally)- then 2 referees in the full court games. Free throws: there will be 1 free throw per shooting foul (so we can maximize the playing time) worth 2 points if you make the free throw.

Cost for this event: $64 per player (or $354 if you want to enter your full team). How to register/pay: text Mikal Duilio 503-380-4539 saying 'Id like to play at Moda' and then pay; once you pay, you have a spot. Pay 1 of these 6 ways: 1) Cashapp- $Mikalduilio or 2) Venmo- @mikalduilio 3) PayPal at office@portlandbasketball.com 4) Zelle at 503-380-4539 or 5) Pay by debit card or credit card by going to our web PortlandBasketball (this web) and click the button on the  main page called 'Make Payment' or 6) if you have paid by credit card on our web recently, you can text us saying 'hit my card'.

What you need to know 'day of': please meet at the Moda Center at the Box Office before or by 11:30am. An employee of the Moda Center will meet all the players and our supervisor/referee Mark Nelson will walk us in to the Moda at 11:40pm. Do not interfere with the group before us (on the floor) but once our time comes, we take the floor instantly... so once in the Moda, get dressed and be ready to tip sharply at Noon (it is best to come dressed in sweats w/ shorts on underneath or find a bathroom to change in). We only have 1 hour to fit 60-minutes worth of games so be ready to go- stretched before (our 1pm start time).

Parking: you can park for free at/in the Moda Center parking lot called Garden Garage; this is the one on 'N Winning Way street' connected to the north side of the actual Moda building. Tell the person you run into (when parking) that you are there for an even that lasts 1hour (they sort of need to know that) and you were told it is free parking.

Schedule (below) if we choose '4 team tournament format': Each game is 15 minutes long (running time); it is important that we switch courts immediately, to maximize our playing time

Schedule: Sunday noon tip-off
12:00pm @Moda Center North Team 1 vs Team 4
12:00pm @Moda Center South Team 2 vs Team 3
12:15pm @Moda Center North Team 1 vs Team 2
12:15pm @Moda Center South Team 3 vs Team 4
12:30pm @Moda Center Full team 1 vs Team 3
12:45pm @Moda Center Full Team 2 vs Team 4
Croatians United
Winners of the 2014 Moda Center game Croatians United

Rip City
Rip City at the Moda Center
Moda Center Champions
Fox Hunter
Fox Hunter at the Moda Center
March 30th Moda Center Tournament Champs