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Individuals- Free Agents
Individuals- you are welcome to play in this adult basketball league- We run leagues for each of 7 days of the week- example 'Sunday league' 'Monday league' etc.

The information on this page- applies to both men and women.

We do NOT have teams (comprised of individuals) that you can join; instead we use a program we created called 'PicktoPlay'.

With Pick-to-Play you can play in a league game ANY day you want to play- 360 days per year.

Once you join up with PicktoPlay, you are going to be put on a team that plays against regular league teams in the PortlandBasketball.com Adult Basketball League.... one game at a time...

About- PicktoPay

PortlandBasketball.com adult basketball league is the worlds largest adult basketball league- we run leagues for each day of the week.

PicktoPlay enters a team into this league- every one of those 7 nights - this means you can play up to 7x in a week on our team (called PicktoPlay).

With PicktoPlay, you can even choose from a west-side or an east-side game (click on PicktoPlay and you will see the various game options available to you).

You will visit the PicktoPlay webpage- and you will see 28 games options over the next 7 days; you can pick (to play) in ANY of those 28 games.

The unique thing about PicktoPlay is that you sign up and pay- for just 1 game. Restated- you are only committed to one game at a time.

This is the point where the reader usually says- "well I want to play with the same guys each week"- but what we need to tell you is two things:

1) if you sign up for the single game- and you like the players you play with- sign up again in the same game slot and you WILL 'notice' that similar players sign up for certain games so in that sense-- its almost the same players per week.

2) also, the typical picktoplay player- after doing about 35 games of this- starts to become friends with like minded players and often they will break off and form a team to enter the league (often continue playing in PicktoPlay in addition to playing with the team they just formed). So if being on a team- with the same players each week is important to you, join PicktoPlay, do 35 games or so- and it usually happens. Another point- is this- PicktoPlay is 6 players- but typically of your 5 teammates for that game- a few of them are captains or co-captains on real-teams, so you can get picked up on a team that way too.

Players love PicktoPlay because- the roster size is 6 players (meaning you have only 1 substitute total= you will get a lot of playing time).

Pick to Play games are 50 minutes in length with 2 referees - against regular real teams in the league.

You will notice another option is the 'zero referee game'- it is a game- and PicktoPlay puts teams together for that too, those games are 54 minutes (cheaper in cost).

If you have any questions, text us at both 503-597-8819 & 503-380-4539 for an immediate response.

TO JOIN- for your very FIRST GAME, here are the steps to join this program:
1) you will go to the PicktoPlay page and find a game that you want to sign up for, then
2) you will go to the main-page of PortlandBasketball.com and click 'Make Payment' and pay for that game, then
3) text 503-597-8819 with your name and a note that 'I just paid', then someone from our office will do this for you
4) our league staff Mikal or Jen will go in and make your name eligible to enter directly into the PicktoPlay page moving forward (put your name in the game slot and hit 'submit'), finally 5) once we text you back saying 'you are set' you will enter your name directly into any game spot.

For your SECOND GAME and beyond- you will do NONE of above; for your second game forward - you will simply put your name in the PicktoPlay web page game slot (and our office will charge your CREDIT CARD on game day). Restated for the 2nd game forward- all you do is put your name in a game slot and hit submit (easy).

RULE FOR WHEN YOU PLAY- as an individual playing on our PicktoPlay teams we have one important rule: you can dribble a lot OR you can shoot a lot... but where we draw the line is this- you cannot do BOTH (restated- you are not allowed to be both the extreme dribbler AND the extreme shooter). Restated yet one more time- with Pick-to-Play - if you dribble up the entire court, you will need to pass the ball to a shooter because it is not fun/normal/acceptable to both dribble the entire court AND end up being the same person to shoot the ball.

Check out the Pick to Play page for more info!