Tournament @ Moda Center

  • Sunday Nov 11th (2018)- meet at the Box Office in front of Moda Center main entrance 12:15pm- event runs 12:59pm- 2pm

Format: four adult basketball teams will play against each other - 1 game apiece; you will play 3 different games (all 15-minute games)- for fun & for some great photos! Note: teams that have played in this- all got a full workout (everyone leaves fully worked out). See schedule below.

Half court? or Full court? your 1st & 2nd games (below) are half court games (5 on 5); then- for your 3rd game will be playing a full court game.

Individuals team: will be 6 players- so that you only have 1 substitute

Uniforms: for photo purposes- you must wear bring uniforms- at least a black and white option

Photos: team photos must occur during the final game (see schedule below)- photos cannot occur AFTER the event (Blazers need us out- right at 2pm sharp); to be specific in the final game (the full court game that you play)- 2  teams play full court while 2 teams are sitting out; it is during your sitting out time, that your team will take its photos. Restated we cannot take photos after 2pm.

Referee: there will be 1 referee per half court game (this referee will also manage the subs equally) and 2 referees in the full court games.

Free throws: 1 free throw per shooting foul (so we can maximize the playing time) worth 2 points if you make the free throw.

Cost for this event: $54 per player (or $299 if you want to enter your full team)

How to register: text the office at 503-597-8819 or email: with a phrase such as 'Id like to pay for & register for this date for the Moda Center Tournament' (& our office would simply respond- 'ok- pay online and we will hold this spot for you').

Day of- what you need to know: please meet at the Moda Center at the Box Office at the time listed above (do not be late). Once in the Moda, get dressed and be ready to tip sharply at 12:59pm. We only have 1 hour to fit 60-minutes worth of games so be ready to go- stretched... AND very important- inbetween games is critical- once a game ends- within seconds- head to your next matchup- and be ready to tip right away. This is about maximizing your playing time on the Moda Center floor. This is not about winning- save that for the league.

Parking: you can park for free at/in the Moda Center parking lot; park in the lot 'connected to' the Moda Center.

Schedule: Each game is 15 minutes long (running time); it is important that we switch courts immediately (clock runs during the switch) to maximize our playing time on this court (your matchup and court is listed below on the schedule).

Schedule for Tournament-
all 4 teams tip at 12:59pm
12:59pm @Moda Center North PicktoPlay vs Bend- Dwyer
12:59pm @Moda Center South The Individuals vs Seattle Hawks
1:15pm @Moda Center North PicktoPlay vs Seattle Hawks
1:15pm @Moda Center South The Individuals vs Bend- Dwyer
1:30pm @Moda Center full PicktoPlay vs The Individuals
1:45pm @Moda Center full Seattle Hawks vs Bend- Dwyer
Croatians United
Winners of the 2014 Moda Center game Croatians United

Rip City
Rip City at the Moda Center
Moda Center Champions
Fox Hunter
Fox Hunter at the Moda Center
March 30th Moda Center Tournament Champs