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Individuals- join 1 of our 9 teams we run for individuals
My name is Mikal Duilio- I run and play in (and referee in) this adult basketball league that has been around for 27 years called PortlandBasketball.com. The league takes TEAMS and as well we take INDIVIDUALS. We play year round. Join any one of the below-described 9 individuals teams (you will play with 6 other roster players):
1) 'Saturday Individuals' starts June 26- typically at Columbia Christian School & typically 6:30pm-ish ($108 for 9 games).
2) 'Sunday Morning Individuals' starts June 27- at Columbia Christian 10:50am ($108 for 9 games).
3) 'Sunday Individuals' starts June 27- typically 5:30pm-8pm at Columbia Christian School ($108 for 9 games).
4) 'Wednesday Eastside Individuals' starts June 30, typically Eastside typically 8:50pm & 9:45pm game times ($99 for 8 games).
5) 'Wednesday Westside Individuals' starts June 23, typically 8pm & typically Beaverton Hoop or Hillside Community Center ($108 9 games)
6) 'Monday Westsiders Individuals' starts June 21, typically at 8pm & typically Westside like Beaverton Hoop or Hillside Community Center ($108 for 9 games ).   
7) 'Monday Eastsiders Individuals' starts June 28, typically at 8:50pm & 9:45pm with 60% - 90% of games on eastside- the rest in Beaverton ($99 for 8 games ).   
8) 'Monday Womens Individuals' starts June 28, typically at 7:25pm & 8:25pm with 80% of games at Beaverton Hoop ($99 for 8 games).
9) 'CoEd Recreational Sunday Individuals' starts July 11, typically at 11:40am with 60% - 80% of games at Columbia Christian School ($99 for 8 games ).

In the above, if the # of games is more than 8, you are actually joinging for part of the 'current' season and all of 'next' season (full seasons are 8 games); the next full season is called
'Summer' with these start dates: Mondays June 28th, Wednesdays June 30th, Saturdays July 10th and Sundays July 11th (if you wait to join on these dates, you will get 8 games for $99). Note: the Saturday and Sunday seasons have playoffs so you might get a free 9th game if you join one of those two days. Mondays & Wednesdays- you play just 8 games, for rankings.

So...you now have the information. IF you want to join, text me back 503-380-4539. And feel free to reach out to your friends and join 1 of these 9 teams together. Text me which day you want, which team- and I can text you back as to- how to pay and how to get your schedule- Thx Mikal Duilio

About- 'PicktoPay' (a different/separate/second way to play as an individual)

PicktoPlay is a second/different way for individual players to get in league games... PicktoPlay is a web page where you 'pick' any of 15 games to 'play' in.

The unique thing about PicktoPlay is that you sign up & pay for just 1 game. Restated- you are only committed to just one game.

Visit the PicktoPlay webpage- and you will see 15 games options (on the 4 days per week that we run).

Players love PicktoPlay because if you are in the mood to play- just go to the page and get in a game. Roster is 7 players but if all 7 players show up, we add 5 minutes to a 50 minute league game (to make the game 55 minutes). Often with this roster of 7 players, 1 person no-shows so the team has 6 players... the point is that you will get a lot of playing time for you. Players are required to subsitute equally.

Most Pick to Play options are games with 2 referees - against real teams in the league. Some options like Sunday morning are 2 teams playing with a game supervisor (not 2 referees) (those games are very very good runs and longer games such as 70 minutes).

If you have any questions, text 503-380-4539 for an immediate response.

TO JOIN- PicktoPlay for your very FIRST GAME, here are the THREE steps to join this program:
1) go to the PicktoPlay page and find a game that you want to sign up for, then
2) go to the main-page of PortlandBasketball.com and click 'Make Payment' and pay for that game
3) text 503-380-4539 with your name and a note saying 'I just paid', then someone from our office will go in and make your name eligible to enter
4) (after a few minutes) put your name in the game slot and hit 'submit'- then refresh page to make sure your name is IN the roster slot.

For your SECOND GAME and beyond- you will do NONE of the 3 steps above... rather, for your second game forward - you will simply put your name in the PicktoPlay web page game slot (and our office will charge your CREDIT CARD on game day).

RULE FOR WHEN YOU PLAY- as an individual playing in our program- you can dribble a lot OR you can shoot a lot... but where we draw the line is this- you cannot do BOTH dribbling a ton and shooting a ton. Restated- you are not allowed to be both the extreme dribbler AND the extreme shooter. Restated yet one more time- with being an individual player in our system - if you dribble up the entire court, you will need to pass the ball to a shooter because it is not fun/normal/acceptable to both dribble the entire court and end up being the same person to shoot the ball.

Check out the Pick to Play page for more info!