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Co-ed Basketball League

Portland Basketball offers a Co-Ed Basketball league.

The seasons are within the Sunday leagues that we run.

Note for men- the league is not as competitive as the men's league.

Note for women- this is a great place to play- we run 8 seasons per year.

Most Co-Ed games will be played on Sundays in central Portland. For more information, contact Director Jesse Freitas at jesse@portlandbasketball.com or TEXT for immediate answer to any question 503-380-4539.

Co-Ed rules:

1. Minimum of 3 women to register a team.

2. Minimum of 2 women players are required to attend the game, however the requirement of women on the floor is loose- 2 women players on the court is strongly recommended. If a team shows up with less than two females present, the game will still be played, but the team with the correct number of females will be given the win- but only if the game is played in it's entirety. Restated- A full, real game will always be played; you will always get your 50 minutes of playing time.

3. Blocked shots of women by men will result in automatic 2 points (goaltending).�

4. This league will be recreational yet competitive. Our goal is to have 10 teams to where the skill level can be broken into two divisions- recreational and competitive.

5. Some co-ed teams are actually very competitive and they might request to play with the normal mixed teams (referred to as- men's teams) with no special rules (we can grant that).

If you are an individual male or female wanting in the COED league - click on PicktoPlay
and you can find a Sunday team (of individuals, a team we run each Sunday) that you can join.

If you already have a team you can register by visiting the main page- Register a team

When you register please email us and tell us which of the options below would work best for your team.
  • You are a lower level CoEd team and prefer VARIETYknowing that you might play up and get beaten.
  • You are a lower level CoEd team and prefer PARITY knowing that you will play the same team several times over the course of a season.
  • You are an upper level CoEd team and prefer VARIETY by playing mens teams when you cannot get a good coed game.
  • You are and upper level CoEd team and prefer PARITYknowing that you will play the same team several times over the course of a season.

Check out the Pick to Play page for more info!