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Co-ed Basketball League on Sundays- about

1. Co-Ed Competitive- you will register Co-Ed Competitive but you will play mens teams probably 3 times out of your 7 games & these games will be under mens rules (reason: we have never had enough teams that are both CoEd and Competitive and in fact, we find that those types of teams have no issue playing against mens teams). So how will we determine the 'Championship team' from this CoEd Competitive division? Answer: at the end of the 2nd season we will hold a 'tournament' for what we think are the top4 ranked Co-Ed Competitive teams. So even if your record is 3-4 because your playing against mens teams and only 2 co-ed teams, if your coed competitive there is a high likelihood you will make the CoEd championship tournament.

2. Co-Ed Recreational- you will play only Co-Ed Recreational teams even if that means repeating matchups a 2nd or even a 3rd time within the same season. Possibly 1x per season- you will play a mens team and be under mens rules for that game (we will try to avoid that but occasionally 1 of our mens teams might be at your level and scheduling wise- it just works out)... How will we determine the 'championship team' from CoEd Recreational? Answer: at the end of the 2nd season (Example: in a Fall1 season and Fall2 season for example- the championship tournament will be the last date of the Fall2 season) we will hold a 'tournament' for what we think are the top 4 ranked Co-Ed teams.


1. Individuals- can join with our Individuals CoEd team- text 5035978819 and we will send you details.

RULES for when a COED team plays against a COED team:

1. Roster rule- a minimum of 2 women players are required to be on your roster to sign up for COED league; this being said, new for 2017 forward- the wording of 'women' is now changed to 'non male identifying' players. Your sex is determined by how you represent yourself to the world. Anyone who represents themselves or 'self identifies' as a non-male- for purposes of this recreational league- will be deemed as a woman. PortlandBasketball.com promotes gender inclusion- in that you are able to play- as the gender that you self-identify with.

2. Strict rule during play- a maximum of 4 male identifying players - will be on the floor - at any time. This means if a COED team shows up with NONE of their non-male identifying players present, this team WILL play but with a maximum of 4 players (versus the other COED team's five players).

3. Policy- we would like teams to put 2 non-male identifying players on the floor- with 3 men- ideally but the official rule is defined in #2 above. In a CoEd game, we prefer at least 2 non-male identifying players on court at all times, but we can't strictly enforce this. Players are of course allowed to rest if tired.

4. Strict rule during play- Movement or Jump assisted Blocked shots of (non-male identifying players) by men- will result in automatic 2 points (goaltending). The only way a non-male identifying player's shot can be blocked is if the male player- was standing in a set position, arms up before the (non-male identifying player) even began the initial part of the shooting motion.
Restated - a male identifying player MAY block a non-male identifying player's shot in ONE and ONLY one legal way: they stand with their arms STRAIGHT up and together without leaning, jumping, or tilting arms BEFORE the non-male identifying player begins the motion of a shot. Basically, if the non-male identifying player throws it into the male-identifying player's arms that are STRAIGHT up and not moving whatsoever, then THAT is a legal block.
- ANY deviation from this position AND contact with the ball results in Goaltending and the points are awarded to the non-male identifying player's team.
- All regular fouls are called and free throws awarded normally.

5. About the video below- this explains how teams should sign up, how we schedule. Replace the word 'women' in video below- with 'non-male identifying player'.