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Co-ed Basketball League

Portland Basketball offers a Co-Ed Basketball league.

The seasons are within the Sunday leagues that we run.

Note for men- the league is not as competitive as the men's league.

Note for women- this is a great place to play- we run 8 seasons per year.

Most Co-Ed games will be played on Sundays in central Portland. For more information, contact Director Jesse Freitas at jesse@portlandbasketball.com or TEXT for immediate answer to any question 503-380-4539.

Co-Ed rules:

1. Minimum of 3 women to register a team.

2. Minimum of 2 women players are required to attend the game, however the requirement of women on the floor is loose- 2 women players on the court is strongly recommended. If a team shows up with less than two females present, the game will still be played, but the team with the correct number of females will be given the win- but only if the game is played in it's entirety. Restated- A full, real game will always be played; you will always get your 50 minutes of playing time.

3. Blocked shots of women by men will result in automatic 2 points (goaltending).�

4. This league will be recreational yet competitive. Our goal is to have 10 teams to where the skill level can be broken into two divisions- recreational and competitive.

5. Some co-ed teams are actually very competitive and they might request to play with the normal mixed teams (referred to as- men's teams) with no special rules (we can grant that).

Different Rules when a COED team plays against a MENS team:

Yes COED teams will play agaisnt MENS teams (there are not enough coed teams to get through the season... this game will count... the league will try to match you up with a mens team of appropriate skill level. Historically, these games have gone really well as the league has picked good matchups for teams; in addition to matchups there are two additional rules for these cross-league games.

1. Blocked shots (men blocking a women's shot) is allowed when a mens team plays a coed team.

2. There is no minimum femal requirement for the games in which a COED team plays a MENS team.

If you are an individual male or female wanting in the COED league - click on PicktoPlay
and you can find a Sunday team (of individuals, a team we run each Sunday) that you can join.

If you already have a team you can register by visiting the main page- Register a team

Updated about the CoEd league scheduling February 1st, 2015: Scheduling games in specialized divisions (like CoEd) is very challenging. The number of teams is already limited and then things get further limited by separating skill levels.  For Example our CoEd league has 8 teams, however, once we seperate these teams into 2 skill levels there are only 4 teams in your CoEd division (only 3 that will be decent games for your team). So if there are 4 teams in your skill level that means you can only really matchup will with 3 teams - so how do we make it work?

1) Repeating Matchups
2) Having CoEd teams playing against men's teams

We have tried to communicate this as our solution in the past and we are posting this here to make sure all our players are up to speed on this.  That being said we would like to record your input- so- please email us and tell us wihich of the following options below best describes your team:
  • You are a lower level CoEd team and prefer VARIETY knowing that you might play up and get beaten.
  • You are a lower level CoEd team and prefer PARITY knowing that you will play the same team several times over the course of a season.
  • You are an upper level CoEd team and prefer VARIETY by playing mens teams when you cannot get a good coed game.
  • You are and upper level CoEd team and prefer PARITY knowing that you will play the same team several times over the course of a season.

Please send your choices to office@portlandbasketball.com

About the Co-Ed Tournament at end of Summer 2

Question: with playing different mens teams and Co-Eds that often have 1 women and such a scrabled schedule that is unbalance, how can there be a Co-Ed Champion?

Answer: We will have a true Co-Ed tournament at the end of Winter 2 to get a true champion. This tournament will but for true Co-Ed teams only, this means you must have 2 women on the floor the whole game. Teams will be asked if they want in the tournament (based on if you have enough women to play in it).

When is the Co-Ed Tournament? It is at the end of Winter 2; this tournament will occur again at the end of Spring 2, Summer 2, & Fall 2 sessions. This tournament will have 2 skill levels: Comptetive Co-Ed, & Recrational Co-Ed Championship. We will run 2 different tournaments of 4 teams each. Teams will be invited based on elidgibility and ranking.